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Steel, stainless steel, aluminum and glass

Simple processing materials are a frequent choice of customers, because it is possible to make even the most demanding design in custom dimensions.


Steel, Stainless steel and alu

Constructions for various purposes require special attention in order to fit into the space with their appearance..

DOors and windows


PVC doors and windows have good thermal properties, the joints of the elements are welded so they form one compact unit throught out entire cross section.

how we do

from idea to realization

Consultations and offer

We create the offer according to your wishes and needs.

design and construction

After the client accepts the offer, we start with the design of the ideal solution and continue further to the production stage.


After completing all the elements, we deliver our product to your address and install it.


Steel, stainless steel, glass and alu

Eaves are useful because they can provide shade or shelter from weather conditions such as sun, hail, snow and rain.

sectional doors

Sectional doors are an extremely attractive option because they are available in a large number of colors and styles of panels for homes and businesses.


ventilating and glass

Double construction for external walls, ventilated air space between the facade cladding and the external wall serves to maintain a healthy indoor climate.

Modern and practical

There are more choices, the decision is up to you

We produce components that are intended to last for many years. With quality raw materials, which we process on the most modern machines, as a result we get the top quality of the finished product.

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